Proudly Norfolk

The Norfolk Food & Drink team at the Royal Norfolk Show

Our “Proudly Norfolk Food & Drink” labelling scheme has been set up as an initiative by Norfolk Food & Drink for Norfolk producers in the food and drink industry to acknowledge their passion and integrity of the product they are producing. The idea is to give credence to their product when it is displayed on the shop shelves so that they stand out from the crowd of other products which have been mass produced. For the consumer it will be a sign that you can trust the product you are buying as it has been lovingly made by hand in Norfolk.

Proudly Norfolk label

For the producer it is an endorsement for genuine food producers who care passionately about the quality of the food they are producing.

Producers who wish to sign up to this scheme will be sent an application form and have to complete a variety of questions in order to fulfil the criteria. Once these forms have been viewed by a panel of people involved in the industry in some way, they will be sent acknowledgement of acceptance and be able to purchase the labels from NFAD to use on their products.

We have been working closely with producers to make sure the scheme ticks the box for them and will be helping all those who sign up with distribution of their produce.

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Businesses who have signed up so far